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Our Organizing Committee, comprising the key world opinion leaders in this field, has particularly anthelmintic drug delivery the Meeting to be exciting and informative on multiple levels with many innovations we are sure that you will enjoy.

Astfel, vă prezentăm cei doi voluntari, cei mai implicați, ai lunii martie: Corina Frînghie și Sînziana Oprițescu. Mereu mi-a plăcut să citesc despre voluntarii implicați ce primeau acest titlul, iar acum am ocazia să fiu în locul lor și să simt această bucurie. În primul an, am participat, timidă și totuși curioasă, la câteva proiecte de suflet, ce m-au făcut să îmi doresc să mă dezvolt și să mă dedic voluntariatului mai mult.

These include: 1. Furthermore, we are sure that you will appreciate meeting your international colleagues at the Villa Erba in Cernobbio, in the Italian Como lake country, which received rave reviews when hosting WCIO The Meeting will bring together over 25, oncology professionals from a broad range of specialties to discuss, connect, and learn from one another.

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Preliminary session information including session title, date, and time is now available. The ASCO Annual Meeting attracts over 5, abstract submissions representing the latest in familial cancer centre westmead and translational science in the areas of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

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This cutting-edge research helps set the standard for cancer care in the United States and around the world. Taking place in the historic city of Belfast, this premier gathering will feature the best and brightest minds in the field of gynaecologic oncology. The last World Congress of Melanoma took place in in Vienna and 1, participants attended this meeting.

The latter event will be held at the end of the congress and includes non-melanoma skin cancer and cutaneous lymphomas as topics of this meeting. We are confident that this meeting in the International Congress Center in Hamburg will attract even more attendants than the previous congresses.

Ne străduim să stabilim standarde de calitate, siguranţă şi valoare pentru descoperirea, dezvoltarea şi producerea produselor destinate îngrijirii sănătății. Portofoliul nostru global de produse include medicamente si vaccinuri dar si multe dintre cele mai cunoscute  produse pentru îngrijirea sănătății din lume. În fiecare zi, echipele Pfizer lucrează în cadrul țărilor din pieţele dezvoltate şi în curs de dezvoltare pentru a promova îngrijirea sănătății și tratamentul preventiv şi curativ al celor mai de temut afecţiuni ale zilelor noastre.

This congress will cover the entire field of melanoma and other cutaneous malignancies. Epidemiology, prevention and early detection of skin cancer are important fields in order to reverse the current trend of increasing incidences. New diagnostic devices and optical approaches have improved the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity and are discussed extensively.

Patient management issues including psychosocial aspects and the follow-up for high risk patients are aspects of the program, too. Furthermore, basic science results for melanoma and other skin cancers will be presented in plenary lectures and during symposia.

This is an exciting time for the development of new drugs for melanoma treatment.

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New immunotherapies, selective kinase inhibitors, new vaccination approaches, and other innovative drugs and technologies are under development. Some have already been approved in and and others have a great potential to gain approval in the near future. The leading experts and the entire community dedicated to melanoma treatment are highly excited about these innovations and are very interested in discussing further scenarios of drug development in melanoma.

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Other cutaneous malignancies are the main topic during the EADO sessions. Exciting new drugs and procedures have been developed for the treatment of actinic keratosis, which is the most frequent malignant lesion in man worldwide. Molecular targeting of the hedgehog pathway revolutionized the therapeutic approaches for basal cell carcinomas.

Different novel strategies have been inaugurated for therapy of cutaneous lymphomas and for rare tumors like Merkel cell carcinoma and dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans. Thus, the congress addresses to the whole field of dermato-oncology.

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The lively interaction between clinicians, experts in translational and basic research, and representatives of familial cancer centre westmead pharmaceutical industry guarantees a successful outcome for every participant.

International key opinion leaders will be invited to give overview presentations, to present the latest clinical trial results, and to discuss exciting new drugs with the audience.

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In addition to the scientific value of this meeting, every participant may seize the given opportunity to interact with experts in a familiar setting in one of the most interesting cities familial cancer centre westmead Germany. Please join us for this event and plan to submit your own studies and case presentations as free communications and as posters.

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We look forward to welcoming you in Hamburg in July ! The course provides fundamental training for physicians, nurses, pathologists, and residents in countries where patients with cancer are frequently treated by non-specialists. The MCMC teaches multidisciplinary management of the most prevalent cancer types in the host country and include mock tumor board discussions and education in the aspects of treatment from initial presentation to end of life care.

Topics include breast, colon, anal canal, rectal, lung, prostate and head and neck cancers among others.

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The number of delegates attending the Annual Meeting also continues to increase each year and it has come to play a role as a forum for the announcement of satisfying research results and beneficial exchanges of information.

I hope that JSMO will be a meeting at which we familial cancer centre westmead join together, transcending our respective areas of specialty familial cancer centre westmead taking into account the patient perspective, as we review and assess the latest research trends and consider the social networks that are required to improve the quality of cancer treatment.

Delegates to JSMO will not only be from Japan, as we are inviting esteemed colleagues who are active in a broad range of activities in the field of clinical familial cancer centre westmead from various countries around the world. In total, we are expecting in excess of 5, attendees.

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We are currently considering various plans, to ensure that the standard Annual Meeting program is further enhanced and expanded to become a forum of true significance for attending delegates. To this end we will aim to promote 18 dialogue among researchers from Japan and overseas.

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Furthermore, following on from the success of the 10th Annual Meeting and with the aim of making it easier for international delegates to participate, we will be holding familial cancer centre westmead international session to which we will be inviting many overseas speakers. This international session will not only provide an opportunity for JSMO members to acquire information about the situation overseas, but will also promote direct interaction between members and the many invited overseas speakers.

In order to further promote ever better cancer treatment, we will also provide forums for discussion on the development of cancer specialists and inter-professional cooperation, and opportunities for interaction with patient advocacy groups.

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We will update the details of the program regularly and continue to make diligent preparations. The members of the secretariat look forward to welcoming you to Sendai in summerto an Annual Meeting that will provide a forum for sending a message about research outcomes to Asia and the wider world, and a venue for acquiring the latest information and engaging in exchange and interaction with international researchers.

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It has been organized to honor the achievements of Dr. John Ultmann, a pioneer in the treatment of lymphoma, who devoted his life to the understanding of this disease.

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Familial cancer centre westmead was particularly known for his work on the staging of Hodgkin lymphoma and the utility of detoxifierea ficatului cu lamaie as a guide for treatment. The audience is comprised of regional practicing oncologists, advanced nurse practitioners and physician assistants, residents, fellows, and the Chicago academic community that includes five academic centers.

Year represents the 10th ICLS. Friday afternoon concentrates on the scientific and translational aspects of lymphoma, while Saturday has a clinical focus. A range of scientists and educators from around the world working with MDS and hematology and who are dedicated to improving the long-term care, quality of life, and longevity of patients suffering from this debilitating disease.

Please join your laboratory hematology colleagues at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto, Canada from May Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada. There are endless possibilities for walking tours in Toronto and, with so many neighborhoods marked by their own history and presence, its hard to know where to start. Ribbons of charming Victorian buildings cut through swaths of avant-garde architecture even some creations by hometown-boy Frank Gehry.

Well-treed streets frame blocks of luxury shops - shops which then continue enticingly underground for kilometres in all directions, eventually reaching an incredible harbor front shopping-scape set against a vast, deep blue lake. Main subjects: Considering the different branches of the Congress there will be simultaneous sessions in independent rooms, related to: n Leukemias and familial cancer centre westmead malignant hemopathies n Stem cell transplantation n Familial cancer centre westmead and other coagulation disorders n Inherited and acquired anemias n Sickle cell disease n Immunodeficiencies and other immunological disorders n Immunohematology n Immunodiagnosis n Transfusion medicine and blood bank organization n Hemovigilance n Regenerative medicine applied to different non-hematological diseases.

Over the last years the EAPC congress became a popular and renowned forum for palliative care professionals from all around the world. The internationality as well as the multi-professionalism of this forum calls for a scientific programme which is as versatile as the audience it is designed for.

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We are happy and honored to take up on the task to create this programme representing the many-sidedness of palliative care and we hope to meet the various interests of you - the congress participants.