Anthelmintic ppt

Tinctura de podofilotoxină

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Supervisor: 1 Soebaktiningsih 2 NurKaputrin Background anthelmintic ppt Intestinal Nematoda is parasite which is often found not only in animal but in human also. Noni fruit ekstract Morinda citrifolia Fructus anthelmintic ppt saponin compounds and other compoundswhich is suspected as anthelmintic.

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Goal : The aim of this research is to determine the anthelmintic ppt of anthelmintic of Noni fruit ekstract Morinda citrifolia Fructus to Ascaridia galli anthelmintic ppt by In Vitro. Method : This experiment was a True experimental which used 6 Ascaridia galli worms which were divided into six groups. Each of consentration which had been diluted in 20 ml aquadest was given to every petry dish which contained 6 Ascaridia galli worms.

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It was observed in every 15 minutes and calculated the LT from each of consentration of Noni fruit ekstract Morinda citrifolia Fructus. Piperazine had a time to kill faster than concentration of ripe papaya seed extract with LT minutes 2 hours 15 minutes.

Conclusion anthelmintic ppt Extract of noni fruit Morinda citrifolia Fructus proved to have an anthelmaintic effect to Ascaridia galli worms, the higher concentration of the extracts has a faster kill time Ascaridia galli worm. Piperazine has a faster kill anthelmintic ppt than with extracts of noni Morinda citrifolia Fructus.

anthelmintic ppt