Sarcoma cancer buttocks, Înțelesul "sarcomata" în dicționarul Engleză

sarcoma cancer buttocks

Medicine Baltimore ; 94 29 : e, Jul. In this article, 2 unusual cases diagnosed in elderly cirrhotic patients, unrelated to steroids, are presented. The first case was incidentally diagnosed in an year-old female.

During laparoscopic surgery for cholecystectomy, hemoperitoneum was installed and laparotomy was necessary to remove a mm nodular sarcoma cancer buttocks hepatic tumor that was microscopically composed by hepatocyte-like cells with clear cytoplasm, sarcoma cancer buttocks in 1- to 2-cell-thick plates and intermingled with areas of peliosis, negative for alpha fetoprotein αFPp53, and keratin 7, with low Ki67 index and intact sarcoma cancer buttocks framework.

sarcoma cancer buttocks

The second case was incidentally diagnosed at sarcoma cancer buttocks examination in a year-old male. The surgical specimen was a mm solid multinodular tumor that microscopically consisted of 3-cell-thick plates of hepatocyte-like cells with acinar, pseudoglandular, and trabecular architecture, intermingled with peliotic areas, without nuclear atypia and disintegrated reticulin framework.

Both of the cases occurred in cirrhotic liver.

sarcoma cancer buttocks

No recurrences or any other disorder occurred 6 months after surgery. In cirrhotic liver, adenomas with peliosis that do not satisfy all the diagnosis criteria synthesized in the article should be considered AHNs and differential diagnosis includes hepatocellular carcinoma but also focal nodular hyperplasia, regenerative nodules, and dysplastic nodules.

This histological entity is not yet included in the WHO Classification list.

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