Abdominal cancer gene.

abdominal cancer gene

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Justin said it could be hereditary. Ambii o au, deci nu poate fi ereditar.

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But they both have it, so it can't be genetic. Cromozomul Y se transmite ereditar cu mici variații. The "Y" chromosome passes from father to son with little variation in the sequence. Ambii folosim acizii nucleici drept material ereditar.

We both use nucleic acids as the hereditary material.

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La Lorenzo, enzima lipsește ereditar. Detoxifiere colon produse in Lorenzo, this enzyme is defective from genetics.

Soția mea susține că e ereditar. Abdominal cancer gene, my wife, she claims it's hereditary.

Translation of "care poate fi ereditar" in English

Există sugestii că e ceva ereditar. There is some suggestion that he carries an hereditary taint. Eu sunt conducătorul ereditar al popurului Manchukuo. I am the hereditary ruler of the Manchurian people.

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Cu toții au gena CDH1 care declanșează cancerul gastric difuz ereditar. Genetic testing revealed they all carry the cdh1 gene for hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. Bret are o condiție numita ereditar hemoragice telangiectasia abdominal cancer gene HHT. Mi-am depistat aceast abilitate ca fiind ceva ereditar.

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This ability is something that is passed on through family lineage. Este ereditar, mai frecvent la persoanele descendente din celți. It's hereditarymore common in people of Celtic descent.

Cancer gastric ereditar difuz (HDGC)-mutatii CDH1

Stiati ca schizofrenia se transmite ereditar? Did you know that schizophrenia is genetically passed?

abdominal cancer gene

În trecut, am observat că această abilitate se transmite ereditar. I have previously traced this ability as something that is passed on through family lineage. Lordul Moran, el e Pairul Ereditar. Lord Moran, he's a Peer of the Realm.

Dupa cum ați bănuit, e ereditar. And as you suspected, it is hereditary. Scuze, am crezut că e ereditar.

Informatii generale si recomndari pentru efectuarea testului genetic Cancerul gastric este al patrulea cancer ca frecventa si reprezinta a doua cauza de mortalitate prin cancer la nivel mondial, cu aproximativ decese anual. Tumorile gastrice sporadice se dezvolta printr-un proces ce implica mai multe etape, in care gastrita cronica conduce la atrofie, apoi la metaplazie intestinala si in cele din urma la displazie; tumorile sunt de obicei exofitice, adesea ulcerante si localizate in portiunea distala a stomacului.

Sorry, I just assumed it was hereditary. Nu cred că e ereditar sau datorită unor disfuncționalități ale creierului. I do not think that this is by genes Abdominal cancer geneor a short circuit in the brains. I don't think this is caused by genes or faulty wiring in the brain. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock Examples are used only to help you translate the word or expression searched in various contexts.

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abdominal cancer gene

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