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The Uvealny vascular cover of an eye anatomic is presented by an iris of the eye irisa tsiliarny or ciliary body corpus sintomi papilloma virus in gola papillomas under eye horioidey chorioidea - actually vascular cover lying under a retina.

From here the main forms of a uveit are Irittsiklit, iridotsiklithorioidit, horioretinitetc. Big prevalence of uveit is connected with extensive vascular network of an eye and the slowed-down blood-groove in uvealny ways. This feature in a certain measure promotes a delay in a vascular cover of various microorganisms which under certain conditions can cause inflammatory processes.

papillomas under eye

Other essentially important feature of a uvealny path consists in separate blood supply of its forward department presented by an iris and a ciliary body and back department — a horioidea. Structures of forward department are supplied with blood back long and forward ciliary arteries, and - back short ciliary arteries.

At the expense of it defeat of forward and back departments of a uvealny path in most cases happens separately.

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The innervation of departments of a vascular cover of an eye is also various: an iris and a papillomas under eye body tsiliarny fibers of the first branch of a trigeminal nerve plentifully innervate; has no sensitive innervation. The called features influence emergence and development of uveit. Classification of uveit Are divided by the anatomic principle of a uveita on forward, median, back and generalized.

Forward uveita are presented by Irit, forward tsiklity, iridotsiklity; median intermediate — pars-planity, a back tsiklit, a peripheral uveit; back — papillomas under eye, retinityhorioretinity, neyrouveity. In forward uveit the iris and a tsiliarny body is involved — this localization of a disease meets most often.

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At median uveita the ciliary body anda vitreous body and a retina is surprised. Back uveita proceed with involvement of a horioidea, a retina and optic nerve.

When involving all departments of a vascular cover develops panuveit — a generalized form of a uveit. The nature of inflammatory process at uveita can be serous, fibrinozno-lamellar, purulent, hemorrhagic, mixed.

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Depending on an etiology of a uveita can be primary and secondary, exogenous or endogenous. Primary papillomas under eye are connected with the general diseases of an organism, secondary — directly with pathology of an organ of vision. Are classified by features of a clinical current of a uveita on sharp, chronic and chronic recidivous; taking into account a morphological picture — on granulematozny focal metastatic papillomas under eye negranulematozny diffusion toksiko-allergic.

Reasons of uveit Papillomas under eye causal and starting factors of uveit serve infections, allergic reactions, system and syndromic diseases, injuriesviolations of exchange and hormonal regulation.

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As infectious agents at uveita tuberculosis mikobakteriya, streptococcitoxoplasma, a pale treponema, a cytomegalovirus, fungi most often act. Such uveita are usually connected with hit of an infection to the vascular course from any infectious center and develop at tuberculosissyphilisviral diseases, sinusitistonsillitiscaries of teethsepsis etc.

In development of allergic uveit the increased specific sensitivity to environment factors — medicinal and food allergyhay fever and so forth plays a role.

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Quite often at introduction of various serums and vaccines serumal develops uveit. Uveita etiologichesk can be connected with system and syndromic diseases: rheumatismrheumatoid arthritisspondiloartritypsoriasissarkoidozyglomerulonefrityautoimmune tireoiditmultiple sclerosisulcer colitissyndrome of Reuterssyndrome of Fogta-Koyanagi-Harada uveomeningoentsefalityetc.

Uveita of papillomas under eye genesis arise papillomas under eye burns of eyesowing to the getting or kontuzionny injuries of an eyeball, hit in eyes of foreign matters.

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Development of papillomas under eye uveit can be promoted by violations of exchange and hormonal dysfunction at diabetesa climax etc. Symptoms of a uveit Manifestations of uveit can differ depending on localization of an inflammation, pathogenicity of microflora and the general reactivity of an organism.

In a sharp form forward uveit proceeds with pain, reddening and irritation of eyeballs, dacryagogue, a photophobia, narrowing of a pupil, deterioration in sight. The Papillomas under eye injection gets a violet shade, intraocular pressure often increases. At chronic forward twine a current quite often asymptomatic or with poorly expressed signs — insignificant reddening of eyes, "floating" points before eyes.

Din fericire, virusul dispare în timp în unele situații, însă doar în cazurile în care sistemul imunitar este suficient de puternic și poate lupta împotriva acestuia.

As indicator of activity of forward uveit serve corneal pretsipitata a congestion of cages on a cornea endoteliya and the cellular papillomas under eye in moisture of the forward camera revealed in the course of biomicroscopy.

Back sinekhiya unions between an iris of the eye and the capsule of a crystalline lensglaucomaa cataracta keratopatiyamakulyarny hypostasis, inflammatory membranes of an eyeball can be complications of forward uveit.

At peripheral uveita damage of both eyes, floating turbidity before eyes, decrease in the central sight is noted. Back uveita are shown by feeling of a zatumanivaniye of sight, distortion of objects and "floating" points before eyes, decrease in visual acuity.

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At back uveita there can be makulyarny hypostasis, makula ischemia, occlusion of vessels of a retinaan otsloyka of a retina, optical neuropathy. Serves as the most severe form of a disease widespread iridotsiklokhorioidit.

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As a papillomas under eye, this form of a uveit arises against the background of sepsis and often is followed by papillomas under eye of an endoftalmit or panoftalmit. At twine, Fogta-Koyanagi-Harada associated about a syndrome, headachesneurotouch relative deafnesspsychoses, vitiligoan alopetion are observed.

At a sarkoidoza, except eye manifestations increase in lymph nodes, plaintive and salivary glands, short wind, cough is, as a rule, noted.

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The knotty eritemavaskulitaskin rash, arthritises can indicate communication of a uveit with system diseases. Diagnostics of a uveit Ophthalmologic inspection at uveita includes carrying out external examination of eyes a condition of skin a century, conjunctivasvizometriyaperimetrya research of pupillary reaction. As uveita can proceed with hypo - or hypertensia, measurement of intraocular pressure is necessary tonometriya.

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By means of biomicroscopy sites of tape-like dystrophy, a pretsipitata, cellular reaction, back sinekhiya, a back kapsulyarny cataract etc. In the course of an oftalmoskopiya existence of focal changes of an eye bottom, papillomas under eye of a retina and DZN, otsloyka of a retina is established. At impossibility of carrying out an oftalmoskopiya in case of turbidity of optical environmentsand also for assessment of the area of an otsloyka of a retina ultrasonography of an eye is used.

For differential diagnostics of back uveit, definition of a papillomas under eye of a horioidea and a retina, hypostasis of a retina and DZN carrying out an angiography of vessels of a retinaan optical coherent tomography of a makula and DZN, the laser scanning retina tomography is shown.

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At uveita of various localization the reooftalmografiyaan elektroretinografiya can supply with the important diagnostic information.