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pancreatic cancer chemotherapy regimens

pancreatic cancer chemotherapy regimens

Some chronic infections are risk factors for cancer and have major relevance in low- and middle-income countries.

Hepatitis B and C virus and some types of HPV increase the risk for liver and cervical cancer, respectively. Infection with HIV substantially increases the risk of cancers such as cervical cancer.

Vezi mai mult 29 octombrie la A close friend of mine, Mr. Raza Abbbas, 25 years old male, from Kar He is a chemical engineer by profession and sole bread earner of the family, but due to his illness he is not able to work anymore.

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He is suffering from a high-risk disease and has been advised cycles of Chemotherapy with 3 cycles of Consolidation, followed by Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplantation with HLA matched sibling donor. I know my friend can bravely fight the disease, but he needs our support to bear the cost of this expensive treatment.

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He has been dedicatedly doing social service for some time, for instance, working actively in blood donor society and teaching students so that they can make pancreatic cancer chemotherapy regimens their desired educational institutes. Today he is in need of our help.

pancreatic cancer chemotherapy regimens bacterii rele in intestin

I would request you all to generously donate to alleviate his pain. His medical report can be provided as per on request.

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