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W e have a situation which persists for 24 years: Indifference.

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This state of mind has comprised the entire Romanian society after Each man for himself and the devil take the hindmost. We live in a materialistic, consuming society.

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Our selfishness is completed also by the lack of a common vision in regard to the point, the place we want to reach. Therefore, we have neither solidarity nor vision.

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I come to you with a situation. This year, on January 25th, after a powerful blizzard, a significant portion of approximately 80 meters from the roof of the State Jewish Theater TES was spun off, and until today, this institution of culture has no roof.

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According to the Office of Historical Monuments, the building in which resides the State Jewish Theatre is a historical monument.

The State Jewish Theater in Bucharest, dates back to the last decade of the nineteenth century.

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Iuliu Barasch, who had purchased the land, originally intended to build a clinic here. The land was located in the heart of the Jewish quarter, where towards the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, lived aboutJews. After a few years here was built not a clinic, but a House of Culture.

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In was established the State Jewish Theatre, and in the building was renovated in the shape which has been preserved until today. The auditorium has nearly seats, air conditioning and sound, simultaneous translation facility with helmet, being used as a conference room and symposia.

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Before that misfortune, in the foyer of the theater were frequently held various art exhibits, book launches, etc. I recently discussed with the Director of TES, the great actress Maia Morgenstern, about the present situation of the real estate and perhaps you will not be surprised to find out that so far the only ones that have been helping are not the ones who were supposed to do so - the Town Hall of the Capital, but men who are emotionally bound of this monument of culture - actors, headed by Mrs.

Morgenstern and simple people, theatre lovers.

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In accordance with the Rules of Organization and Functioning of the institution, "The Jewish State Theatre is a public institution of culture of local interest of Bucharest, financed from subsidies from local budgets of Bucharest, and from their own income.

It did not! Maia Morgenstern is struggling for a long time for this issue to come to the attention of the authorities, so that the building will be familial cancer service royal derby hospital and renovated.

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According to the actress, no late than last year, the Mayor Sorin Oprescu himself, came and took note of the difficulties faced by the institution in terms of its housing. After several months in which the roof of the theatre was patched up repetedly, and the authorities have made committees and commissions, here's that at this point TES still has no roof. Moreover, the only person who was able to do something about it, is a respectable gentleman of 90 years old who has financed from its own resources for a provisional roof so that the water resulting from the heavy rains experienced in recent months would not make even more damage to the inside of the building.

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This state of affairs, where a historic building of inestimable beauty and incredible architectural familial cancer service royal derby hospital cultural importance reached desolation, is not a singular example. Everywhere in Bucharest, I see true jewels, true architectural monuments of different styles -Art Nouveau, Eclectic or Brâncoveanu, of incredible value, which lie in abandonment and stand to collapse.

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These buildings are true treasures, a legacy left to us by those before, and we through our neglect, we deride them. The State Jewish Theater is now functioning through various halls of other theaters. It's not normal that an assortment of artists and people who are part of the production team to walk from one place to another to provide us with art, feelings and emotions.

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We should help them, we should do something so that this building of the Jewish Theater to be repaired and reinforced as soon as possible.

Specifically, what should we do? To hammer at the authorities to take emergency measures in case of TES - our immediate goal, on the one hand; and on the other hand to raise the problem of the general situation of the historic buildings of the capital, so they can benefit from special attention of the city papillary thyroid cancer cell origin that should protect them, so that the future generations to enjoy the beauty of their history.

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I know, you will say that there is no money for this and we do not have a good legislation in this field. But those are details. The goal is important.

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If you really want to solve the problem By Insider A vem o situaţie care persistă de 24 de ani: Nepăsarea.