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It is a problem to which we also have prevention solutions - because we talked about prophylaxis, the cervical cancer logo of screening and vaccination cervical cancer logo but, at the same time, we discussed the possible failures of prophylaxis, with direct reference to vaccination and screening and the combination between them," Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu told AGERPRES on Tuesday. He was the only Romanian to attend the summit in Berlin. It is organised annually and the theme is extremely complex, it concerns communicable, non-communicable diseases, health policies, priorities, crisis which can emerge and long-term policies, taking into account the development of research and new conquests in the area of medical research.

However, in women of reproductive age, the incidence of this pathology is high, therefore, over the last decades various strategies have been developed cervical cancer logo the purpose of preserving fertility in oncological patients. This paper aimed at reviewing the existing literature information regarding the use of abdominal radical trachelectomy as a method of fertility sparing treatment for patients with early cervical cancer logo cervical cervical cancer logo injuries, without neglecting to emphasize on the surgical, obstetrical and oncological outcomes of this procedure.

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