Benign cancer of smooth muscle,

Soft tissues make up a large bulk of the human body, and they are susceptible to a wide range of diseases.

benign cancer of smooth muscle

Many soft-tissue tumors are biologically very aggressive, and the chance of them metastasizing to vital organs is quite high. In recent years, the outlook for soft-tissue cancers has brightened dramatically due to the increased accuracy of the pathologist's tools. All methods of diagnosis are covered here, with an emphasis on the newest immunoassays and other genetic, molecular, and immunologic diagnostic modalities.

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This book's systematic description of benign and malignant primary soft tissue tumors papiloma virus uomo vaccino didactic, comprehensive panels of illustrations allows the reader to formulate a complete understanding of the morphology of tumor entities at one glance.

The book covers both the most common tumor entities and more unusual diseases using more than 1, color images, making it a resource for beginning and senior pathologists.

Tipuri[ modificare modificare sursă ] Un neoplasm poate fi benign, potențial malign sau malign cancer. Sunt circumscrise și localizate, și nu se transformă în cancer.

Contents 1. Overview of soft tissue tumors Markku Miettinen 2. Radiologic evaluation of soft tissue tumors Mark D.

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Murphey and Mark J. Kransdorf 3. Immunohistochemistry of soft tissue tumors Markku Miettinen 4.

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Genetics of soft tissue tumors Julia A. Bridge and Marilu Nelson 5.

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Molecular benign cancer of smooth muscle of soft tissue tumors Jerzy Lasota 6. Fibroblast biology, fasciitis, retroperitoneal fibrosis, and keloid Markku Miettinen 7.

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Fibromas and benign fibrous histiocytomas Markku Miettinen 8. Fibromatoses Markku Miettinen 9.

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Benign fibroblastic and myofibroblastic proliferations in children Markku Miettinen Childhood fibroblastic and myofibroblastic proliferations of variable biologic potential Markku Miettinen Myxomas and ossifying fibromyxoid tumor Markku Miettinen Solitary fibrous tumor, hemangiopericytoma, and related tumors Markku Miettinen Fibroblastic and myofibroblastic neoplasms with malignant potential Markku Miettinen Lipoma variants and conditions simulating lipomatous tumors Markku Miettinen Atypical lipomatous tumor and liposarcomas Markku Miettinen Smooth muscle tumors Markku Miettinen Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Markku Miettinen Stromal tumors and tumor-like lesions of the female genital tract Benign cancer of smooth muscle Miettinen Parham Hemangiomas, lymphangiomas, and reactive vascular proliferations Markku Miettinen Hemangioendotheliomas, angiosarcomas, and Kaposi sarcoma Markku Miettinen Glomus tumor, sinonasal hemangiopericytoma, and myopericytoma Markku Miettinen Nerve benign cancer of smooth muscle tumors Markku Miettinen Neuroectodermal tumors: melanocytic, glial, and meningeal neoplasms Markku Miettinen Paragangliomas Markku Miettinen Primary soft tumors with epithelial differentiation Markku Miettinen Malignant mesothelioma and other mesothelial proliferations Markku Miettinen Merkel cell carcinoma and metastatic and sarcomatoid carcinomas involving soft tissues Markku Miettinen Cartilage and bone-forming tumors and tumor-like lesions Julie C.

Fanburg-Smith and Mark D.